Nepflights.. Online Flight Booking Platform in Nepal

Nepflights :: A Smarter Way to Fly.

 “Want cheap, reliable and fast online flight ticket booking?
NepFlights is your destination.”

Nepflights is the Online domestic Flight Booking platform for Nepal, the first API based flight booking platform, established on 2013. It was the joint venture of Smart Samaj and Flight Connection International.

Nepflights is the only website providing solely domestic flights booking in Nepal with five airlines, Buddha Air , Surya Airlines, Simrik Air, Tara Air , yeti Airlines four payment partner, Esewa,Ipay , paypal,NIBL and up to 25 destinations.

Within the Year of establishment It has achieve great success in the field of tourism and flight booking system in Nepal.     Nepflights has been established with the intention to help every person regarding online ticketing and booking of the flights all over Nepal. It aimed to offer best-value product and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support. Nepflights offers flight information in a well-integrated and easy-to-use design for online booking and ticketing.

Nepflights made strategic Position with growth through new channels and connecting with more airlines and markets in the Nepal.It will be launching app for mobile devices. The company has been recognised as one of Nepal’s best Flight booking platform.

Besides its flight search and booking technology, Nepflights also features news from travel and flight industry from Nepal and worldwide along with the tips for the flyer and frequent flyer.

In this year’s Subisu Can Info tech  2015, Nepflights Has launched NepNetwork targeting the people who want to make money without any initial investment . Using nepnetwork or being a agent in nepflights people can make money by selling the tickets.

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