Start When you think – Story of Entrepreneurship

Startup or journey of entrepreneurship is all about riding a motorcycle by a learner at starting if you the balance or if you forget just to press clause or to handle the race then you are going to fail you will meet an accident or you and your bike will fall down.
People say success is hard to gain to taste but entrepreneur say failure is negligible n taste of success is sweet.go for sweet failure moves aside when you move forward.

Every morning you bumped up with a idea in washroom and It goes with the flush of shit you left out of toilet , you never realized and tried to work out with that idea.

Entrepreneurship is all about starting from early morning at toilet and ending at evening cheering a glass of wine with joy of success and satisfaction of your achievement .

In case of Nepal student life is all about living with parents investment , having unlimited fun and knowledge and college or university degree only most of the college don’t teach you how you can sustain in your life , where your future will be driven with the activities that you perform during school or college life.
It’s all about getting dressed cleanly and finishing bottles of perfume over your body early morning and back by evening with the bad smell of your sweat that you earn through out a day and it’s all about fun without thinking of future, you may think but that will be a dream to getting a well salaried job, professional life and a beautiful life partner but entrepreneur life is just opposite of that it’s all about struggling and seeking for success in career it’s starts with fee fragrance of perfume and few washed but not ironed dress and returning back with a bunch of things to solve and salute a sun without a minute of sleep.


So let’s start from Washroom when you think amazing idea, let’s dress clean,lets pack up goods let’s work for yourself let’s start a journey to revised the world, let’s remake this world , let’s be another Zukerburg,another gates no no lets be you a successful student entrepreneur..



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