Bernhardt Students sets to Organize “BERNHACK”

BernHack is BernHardt College’s first-ever programming event organized by students, for students all over Nepal. We are MLH’s (Major League Hacking) first ever member hackathon in Nepal. The event is aimed to bring together all young hacking enthusiasts under one roof. Reputed mentors and trainers will oversee the participants. Our event will house a huge network of professionals, business delegates along with active youths. Sponsors can enjoy huge exposure throughout the course of the event, which will last for 2 to 3 months. With ample opportunities for a nationwide promotion, sponsors can establish a strong market base through active participation in the event. BernHack will last up to two days which will include:

  • Address from professionals from different IT field
  • Mentorship from the professionals of the field
  • Stalls for vendors of IT field
  • Speakers giving information on topics of related field
  • Time to network, connect with people and find inspiration to continue with hacking

What is Major League Hacking?


Major League Hacking (MLH) is the official student hackathon league. Each year, MLH powers over 200 weekend-long invention competitions that inspire innovation, cultivate communities and teach computer science skills to more than 65,000 students around the world. MLH is an engaged and passionate maker community, consisting of the next generation of technology leaders and entrepreneurs. MLH has been a community first, a mission-driven organization from the beginning. They measure success by the number of hackers they empower and keep it that way. That’s why they made it official and became a Certified B Corporation in 2016. B Corps are for-profit enterprises that are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their community, not just their shareholders.

Event Overview

Organizers: Students of Kathmandu BernHardt College

Host: Kathmandu BernHardt College

When: January 24-25, 2020

Where: Kathmandu BernHardt College, Bafal, Kathmandu

Event Format

To maximize learning outcomes, BernHack will experiment with a variety of new formats that are interactive, collaborative and needs-focused.

  • Experts on call: practical guidance on the projects. Participants can be invited to ask technical questions in one-to-one 15minute sessions.
  • Hard talk: fast-paced, personal and highly interactive interviews. Well-known and respected professionals will interview the students and let them know what it’s like in a real interview, to prepare them for their later jobs.
  • Master Class: highly interactive workshops run by a trained facilitator and a seasoned expert allows experts to communicate experiential knowledge and know-how.

Join the details of this Event on official facebook event page.
Facebook Event : BernaHack


The hackathon attracts delegated from all the regions of Nepal and is typically attended by 300 and more participants from students, professionals and businesses. The Hackathon is supported by Major League Hacking and Kathmandu BernHardt College, the best Technical college in the country. The majority of attendees are highly motivated who are involved in the technical field to bring a change

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