Software Freedom Day 2014, FOSS Orientation & FKK @ Swastik College

College Name :  Swastik College

Location : Char Dobato , Bhaktapur

Date & TIme : 1st September, 2014 7:00 am

Website ::

After returning from Experience of Workshop On Time and Distraction Management training I was confirmed the next day for the event at Swastik college and was to much curious to meet Students of B.Sc. CSIT. I was there at venue by 7:45 am and we started the program by 8:00 am Firstly I started the events with introduction/ history of Foss leter Abhash Adhikari & Suraj Bhusal joined me with introduction of FOSS Nepal Community and SFD 2014. Session went very interactive with the students hence program went 3 hrs long but plan was of 1 hrs.

It was really good program, after all it was first time that FOSS Nepal was introduced there or better to say this is the first program to know about Free and Open source software for the student of  Swastik College. I think this will be just the first and the student will explore more way further in coming days.

By the end of FOSS  session , we had a hour of talk on BSc CSIT, including  introduction of CSIT Association Of Nepal  and Why to study BSc CSIT exploring the opportunities of BSc CSIT. Erasing the confusion and bringing the new way for them.

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