Life is not as expected here in Australia

Everyone is dreaming of fantastic student life in Australia but its not that east and expected here. That hard work shifts, those worried face and college fee, will give a taste of tears to you, expectation from friends and family and a message from the landlord will kick your ass.

Oho dear people, isn’t it a country everyone wants to be?, isn’t it a second Nepal for all Nepalese out there?
Not all parents there dreaming their child to go to Australia? No, You may be wrong, Think once, and once again? This is not the country for your choice of coming as a student. It’s just about two weeks that I am here and I am not loving it. Its totally from my view and experience what I have seen( haven’t gone deeper though) but I think its the fact.
Let me share my journey to Australia.  It all started in 2017 when I was doing great stuff in Nepal with first travel tech industry of Nepal Nepflights but suddenly with my friends, I planned to move to Australia for further study, completed everything as required and lodged my visa but unfortunately, my health condition was barrier for my visa and I was okay with that, I was still exploring opportunity in Tech Industry of Nepal. I was doing okay and fine.  My friends and love who were processing for Australia got a visa and moved here. I am stunned and left alone, my friends and love of life were in Australia and I was in Nepal, those first few months were so hard for me to handle but later it got habitual and I was okey again. But my friends used to share me the worst part of Australia, still, my love applied for my dependent visa because how hard it is but she wanted to be with me but In Nepal, I didn’t have any hope that one day I will be coming to the hell of a beauty.

But all of sudden on 13th of 2020, landed here in Australia and the real journey started all those tales of my friends is coming in front of my eyes as reality, first day oh wow these wide roads, these long trains, oho these towering building, oho that beach and the ocean for the first time it was like I have just landed at heaven but slowly heaven started becoming hell. Oho for the first day everyone was around, friends from Nepal were congratulating me, friends here were welcoming, loving the system and operation here. But slowly everything turned out, friends need to go to their work, college, all I have was a mobile, laptop and Internet and I was all alone and it was all scary to be alone here. Before coming to Australia heard the news that  Nepali student committed suicide in Australia and slowly getting the answers, what a teenager is expected to do when from nothing our culture and society pushed them into a hell, a roster of work from early 3:00 am to 12 PM and college from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, had no one to talk, have to cook and manage all where before coming here he never cleaned a plate on which they had their meal but are cleaning 1000s of dishes in an hour, all over that he remember that money that they spent to come here and family they left behind. From nothing, you throw them to hell of problems and freedom than what would they do other than suicide.

People may think that going to Australia means everything for them, there is money in tree in Australia and they just can make money as much as they want from that money tree but in reality that’s all a fairy tales. Those sad faces, that tried body, that worried feeling, that hard shift, the college fee, and those projects and assignments, families expectation from Nepal, friends wish to get iPhone that all moves around the head and SMILE 🙂 people just forget it. But still, back there in Nepal, their families are proud that their child is at Australia. Dear parents think thrice before sending your child Australia it’s not necessary being parents you need to fulfill all their dreams sometimes you got to be hard and reject their wishes and Australis must be the first one. In Australia relation is suppressed by a long shift, a family is bypassed by freedom and culture is overtaken by money. People are not talking to people but talking to rosters.

To end with: You can get a better life in Australia, its fantastic to be here there are more positive parts beside all above negative parts but you gotta prepare yourself to the best, to adapt to the system here, to adjust before and between relation, work, study, and money.


Good luck !! cheers !! 🙂 🙂


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