In today’s chaotic world, mobile phone has been counted as a basic need of today’s generation. Nearly most of all the people( 18+) have mobile phone with them. But with the spread of mobile phones, unwanted calls and text messages (aka SMS) have really become a nuisance. Phone stalkers have always been out there.

Now it is common for all of us to get blank calls, prank calls, indecent text messages, promotional calls and SMS, telecallers harassing for credit cards or donations… the list is endless. Sometimes unwanted calls become a source of big safety trouble. Similarly, we all face the problem of unknown number. Missed call from the unknown number enhanced the dilemma, whether to call back or not, because unknown number could as well be a wrong number and also it could that be of a nagging tele-caller. We really wish to know the caller before we call back. TrueCaller makes our wish comes true. Using True caller we can easily trace any mobile number and put a name to an unknown mobile phone number. Its is used to identify missed calls, search for people to get in touch with, outsmart spam callers, and keep user’s current contact information up-to-date.
The true caller services are:

  • Search for any number to see who it belongs to
  • Prevent unwanted calls and top spammers in our country
  • See how many times a spam call has been reported by Truecaller’s community
  • Automatically enrich contacts with information and photos from Truecaller and various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+)
  • Tweet and Follow a person on Twitter directly from Truecaller
  • Yelp! Integration for faster business lookup results + more features to make your phone smarter.
  • TrueCaller Provies us with some degree of control on how to handle unwanted calls. It provied the caller information to you, which is really useful if somone is trying to harass you by making unsolicited, unwanted and/or blank calls. Faced with such anti-social elements, people often wish if they could find the details of phone number that is being used by the offender.

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