Still in My Dream : End of love to begin dreaming

 Still in my dream, is not just a formation or letters to sentences to create the illusion of words or a story, but it’s a story of most of us. We have been through lots of things in life, life, love, breakups, ups and downs. Mostly we dream of being with someone with who we feel comfortable, where we feel loved and respected, but it doesn’t happen always. Some people left behind on your path are still in your dreams, hunting down you with all those memories that you had together. Not necessary it’s always your boyfriend or girlfriend can be the story of anyone, anywhere, or of anything. Words are imaginary, still in my Dream is an imaginary story, if matches with anyone real life will just be consequences.


No matter how far we are
No matter we talk or not
No matter even we are apart
You are still in my dreams
Still reminds me of those times we spent together
From head to toe
While in the sorrow or joy
Everything still reminds me of you while on the way
That smile, that craziness, that moment still roam around
Yes we are far somewhere without abound but
Still, I feel that bond and it surrounds

Either its rain or sun
I still remember holding your hand
Walking together crossing the streets
Making those memories hunts me down
I remember shaving my bread after you putting a cream
Oho its fresh memories, you are still in my dreams
People praise me for my eyes
Quoting those are beautiful, fresh, and appealing and seems to make everyone happy
Deep inside I remember the sky just after rain beautiful, fresh, appealing, and making everyone happy
If I could carry sea within me and cheeks means whales they must have enough water by now
Oh wow those days at beaches, oho that happiness
Where can I find it now, look up to the sky I see clouds and a moon at night
Feel you at my sight, oh poor me there is silence, there are crowds inside me cheering for you
I imagine I see you
Whatever I do I only see you
Oh it’s my dream still but I see you

It was a usual day, in fact, a Good Friday a day for us for fun
We couldn’t meet and you were angry
We talked all right and said going on the drive before a goodbye
I waited for you to return and a call
I slept and missed your call
I woke up, I woke up very bad and with 23 miscall
I was left alone, no one to come around sit around me
To hold my hand like you used to
I talk to myself like we used to
A small sign of trust ray of hope and belief that you would come back
But are false
I said it to myself
However, it didn’t make any sense
And together with you, I sat on the fence dividing you and me
Smoke started roaming around
People started smelling barbecue
I started to feel the heat
Suddenly I stopped to feel anything
Thought of you, your smile those eyes and lashes
Now we are together, people start collecting in the ashes

I was all covered in sweat, my eyes were wet
I saw you again and you needed me
I couldn’t be with you when you left
Who is there to understand how I felt
Oh dear I want to feel you, touch you, and kiss you
Come back to me and wait for me at the station
I will buy you all your favorite and a vanilla ice cream
I will see you where ever you are in real

Either has to be dead but not in a dream
I am looking for the muffler that you gave me
Oh dear I am coming for you please wait for me
This world isn’t meant for me without you
Want to live again and share a dream with you
Hold your hand, walk around holding your hand and share an ice cream
Oh dear I miss you and it’s killing me I can’t control still you are coming in my dreams
Still, you are in my dream

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