Life and Mistakes || Mistakes in your life #Part one

Life and Mistakes || Mistakes in your life #Part one

There is a difference in a child life and a adult life. lets start with a pen we use to write oh I am a poor soon I never got a full and single pencil i shared it with my classmates they gave ma the pencil they had breaking it to two parts always a upper one with a eraser so that I can erase the mistake I make. yes i was and I am poor from then to now and i have made alot of mistakes in my life all those mistake that i made during my childhood most I have erased with the eraser on top of pencil given by my friend but now my friends give me a ball pen today and I have not changed a bit i make mistakes but its bad that I can’t erase a single one. I am poor now I can erase any mistake I made I have to tear the paper I write mistake but when it comes to life .. In childhood I could cry for my mistake and the people around me would forgive me for all those mistake and i was corrected each time and awarded with a chocolates or candy but now life is different I can’t cry or erase mistakes i make . its hard there are no people to correct me but people to blame me for mistakes but sometimes there are people mostly to blame me when I make no mistakes and there are no any people who tries to correct me with candy and chocolates anymore but he people to use me up, set me up, for my poor act for my mistakes.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.
— Soren Kierkegaard

I was taught that moving in life you should always be watching towards your goal during which you may meet people, make friends closed one, formal ones, you like some , you love some , you hate same and vice versa. You may love or you may be loved but at meantime you may make mistake , yes it is believed that in life you makes thousands good things and bad things similarly but people becomes judgemental towards your bad things and your small mistakes hits you multiple times. You may choose someone from your list to be one to move with you knowing every good and bad of yours but what, what if that becomes another great mistake of life that can be cut off corrected by cutting that but that will leave a mark in your paper understand in your life . From your childhood you have loved and you have been loved and so do I . I have fallen in love not once , not twice but multiple times . Sometimes with same person and sometimes with different ones, it life just bear it, it will give you different stories.

Messages : Life is different in its different stages, childhood do fun everything you do there are other to take care of you. Young age(adult) : do fun be a believer make it happen everything you do make mistakes there are people to blame you , keep doing good things there will be people to walk with you to hit you and to support you world is yours.Old age(senior one) there will be someone to care n multiple to be cared you can’t make mistakes (yet to experience)

There is a life, there is a love, there you live, there you smile , there you make promises . But have you ever thought that life, love, living , smile and promises are connected to each other and are conjugal with each , all comes together to hit you m put you down and wake you up and hug you with a stranger feeling, yes it happens multiple times in your life .. believe me .. note this time… but don’t make promises in life, it hurts…

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Life and Mistakes || Mistakes in your life ++ to be continued

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