How to Choose Best CSIT college in Nepal | CSIT college in kathmandu

Best CSIT college in Nepal || CSIT college in kathmandu

Tribhuvan University,The Institute of Science and Technology (IOST) takes admission for BSc. CSIT program each year generally in the months of bhadra and asoj . All plus two or equivalent passed student with science stream or equivalent can apply for the csit course a four years and eight semester course. Student need to attain and pass the entrance examination conducted by IOST to enroll in this course , A CSIT entrance preparation book is also available in market student may prepare using that book or may join the entrance preparation classes conducted by the different institutes or the csit colleges.

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The program develops the underlying principles of both Computer Science and Information Technology and shows how these principles can be applied to real world problems. This program develops the skills that are essential for both computer professionals and IT specialists.

Program Highlights(TU BSc. CSIT):
> A-four-year (8-Semester) academic cum professional program-126 credit hours (at par with International University)
> One of the most recently designed Computer Science course in Nepal
> Enables you to build solutions by providing in-depth theoretical & practical knowledge of the subjects.
> Perfect balance between extensive theoretical and through practical learning.

CSIT might be the best choice you make after your plus two : read more about it here

Which is best csit college ? How to choose best one ?

Once you decided to study Bsc CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology), next thing making worried is the college you need. Big Advertisement in newspaper is not enough to convince you. Selecting one college from 70 colleges is not easy. So that’s why, many students ask me name of college which should they join to peruse their bsccsit degree, but it becomes the tuff question for me to answer instead i suggest them to chosse the college they want but there are few things they need to consider to choose the best college among all csit college.
Actually the best college differ with how you expect your college to be you want a strict one or a loose one , college with dress or college without one. Some people want the highest scorer and some want the maximum pass rate, Some people want the 100% class, some want extra curriculum. For me, I never want to choose the college on these criteria don’t be limited to choose college. The most important question when you trying to search the college should be “Is this college suit to me? Will I be happy there for 4 years?”

If you are here with the hope that I will say the name of college, then you should leave, but I can help you to how to find one.

Here are few questions you have to consider before you choose best csit college in Nepal/Kathmandu.

Check list of CSIT college In Nepal.

Why should I join your College?
Ask what is the reason that any student (you) should be joining this college what special they have then others , what really are you going to get in those long four years ? This answer will determine 50% of your answer.

What is the college time, Day, morning and evening?
Its not about a year of study and remember time is a very essential key for you during your bachelors . Your career will be at your hand so don’t forget to ask about the college time.

-Is this college is feasible to you, with fee and your resident distance?

This might be the very important question you may need to consider, is the fee of that college is affordable to you and what about the distance of college from your residence.

How is the result of your college?
You can take this question as a lightweight because result of others doesn’t matters to you since your result is at your own hand but still don’t forget to ask the how is the result of previous and current students what is the pass percentage and the marks students have achieved.

What additional things you provide me beside the college course?
Now the days, College are very tricky and I am sure they will say lot here, Some college may tell you they will send you in industrial tour in India, some will say they have contract/MoU with different IT companies here. Some will say they will provide additional PHP, JAVA, CCNA. See which one give you more offers which means to you.

Are there any project previous and current students have made during college?
Ask the college about what extra the students of that college have done if there is any specific projects , app, or anything that student have made and is making good solution on market or have won any prizes. Or see any extra training college provides during year of study to help them achieving that?

Where are your passed out student doing?
Ask what their passed out students are doing now. Ask more specific and trying to find how it worth. Try to meet students who are currently studying there and try to know more from them how the college actually is, note that they only know about the pain, weakness and strength of that college.

Ask them to show the labs and classrooms of college?
Ask permission to college to see the building, labs and class. And see if that’s the best among all you visit.

Cheers !!

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