Environmental threat and opportunities of B.Sc. CSIT student.

Before reading :: threats and Opportunities of B.Sc. CSIT Students this two articles should be understood and need to be clear what B.Sc. CSIT Exactly is…

  1. WHY BSc CSIT?
  2. WHAT IS BEST IN BSc CSIT? — (From the Blog of Mr. Prakash Neupane, Founder president CSITAN)

B.Sc. Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT)

Bachelor in Science of Computer Science and information Technology (BSc CSIT) is a T.U. affiliated, four- year semester based program. It is regarded as the best of all the programs in computer science and information technology ever introduced in Nepal. All the components of the prescribed course function as a unified whole to produce a computer and IT expert of the international level.

 Features of the Course

  • Semester based four- year program
  • Highly competent
  • Course covering theoretical, research and application aspects
  • Continuous evaluation system
  • Catching the latest trend in Information Technology
  • Thorough practical approach with great deal of project work and internship inclusive within the curriculum.
  • Wide area of elective courses with choices to be specialized in one or more path.
  • Extensive career opportunities in software publishing firms, scientific research and development organizations, telecommunications, computer networking companies, government and non-government institutions and more.


  • Research based market opportunity
  • Best suitable for market with compare to other courses.
  • Very similar to international university course.
  • Internship provision created the good chances for employment after completion of course.
  • Getting priorities in these days.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science , Expert System, Data Mining and Cloud Computing courses explore the high chances to get international projects.
  • Upon graduation student get
  • Software developer/ programmer
  • Hardware, Networking and System Administrator.
  • Computer/ MIS officer in government and non government organization.
  • Academician / Researcher
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Security Officer


  • Unstructured/Unmanaged subject flow.
  • Diverse subject areas are leaking the specialization of major needs of current market.
  • Limitation in the weight of practical due to current examination and educational system.
  • Competition with Engineering and other counter courses.
  • Unpopularity of course for general people.
  • Unpreparedness of university and colleges to run this courses[not timely exams and results, not final decisions for extreme cases].
  • Shortage and limitation of subject experts and infrastructures.
  • Unknown with the market demands and working mechanism.
  • People being unaware of the course, they have confusion about the course exactly what it is all about.

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