Beloved – Love That I Lost

I know you are there watching all my messages​ and pulling your nose upwards ( nak khumchayasune) ..But see what I did and gave you, those all my mistake,those pain I gave.. I hope you​ recovered and I don’t want to come there at that,and to disturb you again but see it’s me .. when I tried to avoid to tried not to think of you .. you came all over again with later volume of memory.. with migraine, depression along with high dose of medicine I started forgetting small things in life ,Alram, reminder and notes had became part of daily life but somehow only among few thing that I don’t​ need to write and put on reminder is you .. I just couldn’t forgot you beloved..

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Ye it’s weired writing all these to you after all this year after letting you go after those few years of good things love and care  , but don’t know what went through my mind that time and we departed ourselves and thrown you away to cry and in pain. I know you cried,cried alot  those days, but no ones knows how much i cried inside room locking myself no one was there , you had your family to handle you but it was my mistake and I got only me and those dead walls looking at me and laughing against me.

When the whole world smiled , I couldn’t i am the one to take everything wrong way , I got someone to cheer for me but you were not there I started living with her but you were on my mind,saw you multiple times on the way but just could turn my face away when you cross just could stare at you from back n get wet m dive into the world of tears, life ran but don’t know where it reached n where it needs to be.. Hope you know I used to talk with your college friends just just to know about you how long can I go like that how far could I go, life went like hell and piece of smile was still there, calendars changed, years passed but the feeling is still same dear beloved.

It’s not possible to forget you and erase those memories..

I lost you because of myself but once lost can’t I get you back now just can go through your friends profile to see you smiling with them knowing that you also have lost your​ smile n still smiling infront of them, Dear beloved you are strong, strong enough to avoid the thing but not me you know me well na. See look at just turn back or just turn your sight you will see me staring at you , looking at your smiling, hoping for the best thing to arrive at your life , dancing at your success,dear beloved I just couldn’t get you back but can I ask you to meet me once. Dear beloved I want to thank you for all those things and sorry for not being able to understand all those love,care from your wish for success n great life ahead ,,I am very greatful for those time with you and I still miss you n love you though I have no rights to love you dear beloved..

Sorry 🙂 ..



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