Why things go Complicated

Why do people make things go so complicated ?

I always wonder why people suffer for other, why they cry silently keeping smile in their face, why they sacrifice light and keep roaming on the darkness. We love so much that we are ready to sacrifice what we have, for that one, we fight with the world, we would give a world for a smile, we go crazy, we go mad, but still why we are so evil to other, why we hurt and bring other down. If one can love so unconditionally, how can that person hate other so much? I wonder how can two totally opposite feeling can exist in our heart, sharing a bond?? I don’t feel like I belong to this group, society or this world. I know everything that starts have ending, people will die in the same way they have born, all what we get, observe or see are temporary. Sometime I have a feeling as though, what we put question mark on, is an experience necessary for something. What that something is I do not know. What am I for? Why am I here? What am I waiting for??? There always exists a question that would never be answered.

credits : Sanju Mahat


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