Breaking the glasses of love

    I am thinking of breaking the glasses in my heart, Heart just made of glasses and full of love,
Because I am all and I am in love, I am like this because, I am breaking the glasses in my heart,

I am like this yesterday, today, tomorrow and for forever,  am not changing like a season in every six months,

I am not like green tree of summer and not like field in winter, Still I am thinking of breaking the glasses in my heart,
Because I was just like root three and you are always my square,
Just like an expression with syntax error and a php code without semicolon at end,
We are executing like an code with syntax error and the warning,
I never thought of being a square of three and never the value 1.7232,
More or less never than value of square root, I will be trying to access the square like you.
Instead of warning I tried to access protected variable, being just like an square root.
Sometime the floating value, the less a decimal but never the less a integer value….

In the life In need of you, because I love you, forever I will love you.
I promise to be square root of three over a square you,I promise to make you always happy and to love you ever and forever..
I wanna complete myself and wanna be perfect integer and a error free syntax,
I need you my semicolon to complete my code and execute myself as a complete source code
Let be my source, let you complete me, let us unite you square and me a square root a perfect integer
Let’s execute let’s love let’s make life full of love …let’s make code and integer of love perfect and correct…

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