My clients are superhero

Its the Story of me and other thousands of web developers friends over here in Nepal,I recently worked with few genuine clients from Kathmandu and all of them are and are awesome just superb , everything is fine for them ,it was a Web Based project and my job was to create website for them and I did and I said I will do and make it as their need ,they need flat,responsive design, and Good looking website where they can add anything over a single click and I made so, before working for them all of them were near to me i asked them to pay me a minimal amount that make me happy with work I did .

They said they are Ready to pay how much I need for it , it was my bad I didn’t fixed that, they need to pay me exactly this amount because they are near to me and are linked with for by a multiple reasons. when I started working and finished .

It was my job they tell them how they will use that web teach them fully to use it and next day everything I made was broken and  codes and styles were deleted and all because my clients were superhero they knows everything ,I taught them to use Web back end  but they tried developing their own.

I fix everything back to normal again and passed only back end access to them again they came up- deleting all files images, and content pushed and saying sir there was an error with my internet and its all deletes fuck you my client and you are such a superhero and you made my another day with work. Okey ! Finally with last touch I pushed it to live server and few days back my client lost somewhere because I finished my job and its their turn to perform their duty and they need to make a payment for what I did and they were lost hiding their ass behind the those phone calls and emails replying with a message that they are busy.

Finally ,there was a day where my client, superhero client and I got to meet for a payment and I met all at different places and their voice and words are same like its a volunteer work my brother few days back I ware sir for them now I am their brother all of them offered me a cup of tea with chicken mo:mo and words are like 😛

“” At your age my suggestion to you is, “Should not get motivated by the financial benefits but get motivated by the work you achieve”. I just hope you finish what you have started. Anyway, thanks for your contribution to the community and for us it was really nice working with you, you did well within a short period of time thanks. “”

After hearing all these words I stood up from my place salute them with middle fingers of both hands turned back to my office saying my clients ares superheros and they are always.  Few days after all this my due respect my clients call me back and just ask  for an edit to be done for their website and what I do  is just tell them no money,no Honey ,!! Sorry Find some other smart volunteer for your work I am not the one to work with . Thanks.

Developers are born to be amazing !!

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