Life after Bsc CSIT in Nepal

Bsc csit (bachelor of science in computer science and information technology), is currently a hot stream that a student choose after their intermediate level. This is because of the high demand of the IT manpower in the current market and the establishment and increase of use of technology . Nepal is moving towards era of technology, thats why it can be supposed that the craze of csit has groomed up this much.

Talking about the course it covers both science, computer and IT within in it, and supposed to be the best course offered by Tribhuvan university at undergraduate or bachelor level. Internship at the end or 8th semester is the best part of this course where student can implements and experience at real time what they have studied in their earlier semesters, and this is the best time to decide where to go and where to take the future.


Here is my small view about Internship and guidelines given to the student for internship, to be noticed this is my very much personal view.. no offense on this ..
Being a student of CSIT/ IT it is not mandetory that you need to be a developer or coder let me make you easy to understand not mandatory to be a developer , you must understand that there is other more things than coding in field of IT and CS. writing a lines of codes and developing a application, a software, or a website is not
only the job that I must get enrolled after joing or completing a CSIT. Or Working on large or renowned IT company , IT offshore, it is not only goal that I set. Meaning of doing is learning at every steps, and you can learn at your own it does not need to go with large names and companies, Its not all about company but its about what I would get after going to that company. At other hand it need to be a good way and platform to learn wherever you go, Remember You can’t be a father without being a child, and large IT companies are not came to that step without growing as an Startups,
ask the pain of startup with them they will better explain to you.

Working on at a startup is the way you start a journey to learn , specifically at the time if internship where you are going to apply the thing you learned theoretically during your college time in real life , you already studied management, technical writing , Software project management,
System analysis and Design and all but you didn’t learn how they will exist in real life, thats why you are going for an intern where ever you go its time for you to learn. Starting a work at startups, small it companies is the best way you can learn , My only one point is you don’t need
to be limited on the things that you know only or in the things that you are bit known of. You as their supervisor you can’t force them on your way you never know what they want to be, and what their goal is all about.

hey ! you damn people so called known ones, those may be supervisors, teachers, college CEO/principle, HOD, and all those who guide and suggest why don’t you let them decide on their own, why don’t you let them to decide their path, your duty is to guide them not to force them to something in which they are not interested of, You are well known of the quote “you can take horse near to water but can’t force horse to drink water” then why are you doing all this .???

Thanks for your Consideration .

Guide me don’t force , we need your suggestion not a pressure.

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