Promoting B.Sc.CSIT colleges in Nepal from Chitwan to Jhapa

Being student of BSc. CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology ) I am very keen to tell people about what I am studying and what I am doing ? It has been three years of journey of BSc.CSIT and I find myself in some sort of achieved level. Field where I am connected to, of which I am aware of , turn to make people known about the field where I am linked to. Its already been three years that I have been connected to this field B.Sc.CSIT and with the team CSITAN where always I loved to work beside that  its time to meet other csitan fellow around the Nepal.We tried to go to each BSc csit college in Nepal but unfortunately that was not possible for us that time.

To share what I found in these three years of study, we Suraj Bhusal, Prakash Neupane and me visited the CSIT colleges from Chitwan to Jhapa.

Our first encounter as a team with rising CSITians was Chitwan at Indreni College where we tried to gather students form the neighboring colleges (Lumbini ICT, Birendra Multiple Campus ) of Chitwan. There we spoke on topics Introduction to CSITAN, Why BSc. CSIT and experience sharing by Prakash Neupane and Nawaraj Poudel. The program was so interactive that the program exceed more that what we scheduled.

After that we (me and Suraj Bhusal ) left for Eastern Nepal that night from Chitwan. The traveling was kinda bumpy cause we were at the last seat 🙂 . Finally we reached Ithari the next early morning then the real work started. That day we visited colleges (Neeharika College, Birat Multiple Campus, Birat Kshitiz and AIMS ) around Biratnagar and the we talked to the administration. Had some tough time with the administration and finally they agreed to host the interaction program. Talk around the colleges of Biratnagar was different than others. Then after we moved to Ithari and talked to the college of Ithari (Sushma and Godawari ). We spent that night at Ithari. The very next morning Prakash Neupane joined us, that morning we spoke to the students of Sushma and Godhwari College. Also the program was awesome and interactive. We took our meal and breakfast both at once and left form there for Biratnagar. It was scheduled at 2 pm, there we met CSITians from two colleges unfortunately our fellow CSITians from two colleges didn’t appear though it was also interactive. Haaa ! that evening we left to Damak and the next morning we spoke at Damak Technical College and then moved to our final destination  Birendra Multiple College of Dharan. Frankly speaking it was the most interactive program of our journey.

Our cloths get soaked all the days we spent in Eastern Development Region, sometimes by sweat due to severe hotness and sometime by the rain but we never stopped our journey for a moment. And it was the most wonderful journey of my life. Exploring the CSIT colleges and exploring new faces and talents from there was what we got at the end. Also lets not forgot that we cleared the minds of young CSITians on the way to their career and introduced CSITAN to them.

Lets not forget that the participation and active involvement of girls CSITians of Eastern Development Region was very praise worthy which i didn’t find in the valley and this is my personal opinion.

At last but not in list I would like to Thank All students, Administrative Staffs, all concern bodies whom I forget to mention and To SURAJ BHUSAL for his Documentation/Report about the event before this blog……





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