#TravelStoryContest to Promote tourism in Nepal – Nepflights

Nepflights A leading online flight booking platform in nepal has started a new campaign call #travelstorycontest to promote the tourism and explore the places to visit in Nepal. The main theme of the contest is about sharing the travel experience, any who travelled across Nepal can share their story and win exciting prizes.

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According to Nepflights, Co-founder and CEO, Prakash Neupane ” This is the time for everyone to share and explore their experience and make Nepal renown”, “The ideal blend of its vibrant culture, its wonderful natural environment and its ever welcoming people make Nepal one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Yet, many people are not aware of this fact. So, we have turned to you to assist us on our mission to make Nepal one of the leading tourist spots in the world. The stories that you will provide to us will not only provide an excellent chance for the travelers all over to have and inside look at what real Nepal is like but also enable us to come up with new ideas for promoting tourism in Nepal. “


SO, What do I need to do to participate in this contest ?

  • To participate in this event you need to write your travel experience, with awesome images yo have taken (if possible) in not less than 300 words.
  • Your story need to be your own and shouldn’t have published in any blog, website and other media.
  • Should include author bio, in not more than 100 words.Please submit entries as follows: Double-spaced, 12 pt. font, all text aligned left (not centered or specially formatted). Please do not use any special document formatting for any part of the article or use font formatting besides italics or bold.
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Will my story get published , as I submit ?

Yes or may be no, nepfligths have right to change and review your story for few grammatical errors

  • Entrants must agree to and fill out NepFlights & Author Agreements Form.
  • Must include a author  photo and a short description.
  • Must give Nepflights right to publish your article.

What are the criteria include :

  • For your story to be best one , you must take  mind a few things
  • Show your creativity and uniqueness  of story.
  • Make a good quality of story that can hold a reader’s attention.
  • Accurate information and enough knowledge of subject matter.
I am not Interested writing a story how can I help on this ??

It’s okey If you don’t want to write stories ,

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