Third AGM Of CSIT Association of Nepal

Finally , We are rising higher , we are slowly moving back to our normal life after the Earthquake in Nepal. We team CSITAN are planning for the grand Annual General Assembly. And was held according to the schedule,

Date : 13 june 2015

Venue : Amrit Science Campus , lekhnath marg , lainchour , Kathmandu

Time : 11:00 Am


I was there at the place from where I have Started my journey with CSITAN as an Executive member before 2 years. From all of our hard work and the great effort together we have made it as an leading organization that works in favor of CSIT student. The program was started with the introduction and motive of the event. I always love to get introduce against new faces and today there was another chance for me to introduce more new faces. Shristi Baral one of the past Executive member and the current second Vice president of CSITAN welcomed all the new faces and all participant with her welcome speech and program forwarded with speech by founding president Prakash Neupane  and founder executive Lasang J. Tamang bith the pioneer of CSITAN and role model for the whole CSIT. Both of them  introduced the motive behind establishment of CSIT Association of Nepal. They discussed about different challenges and opportunities of CSIT.

Being the  Treasurer for last tenure  I presented the Financial report of the past tenure and Abhash Adhikari General Secretary of last tenure presented the progress report of the last tenure. After that with more discussion, we move towards another important part of the event dissolving the past committee and forming the new committee.

With lots new faces with new ideas and more potentials the new Committee of CSIT Association of Nepal are

President : Abhash Adhikari

Vice president :  Prakash Pokhrel , Samundra Sharma Pandit, Shriti Baral

General Secretary : Prasanga Kadel
Secretary : Loomila Hada, Niraj Kumar Tamang

Treasurer: Shristi Shakya


Aadesh Shrestha
Abhimat Shrestha
Alok Shrestha
Bibek Pokhrel
Bharat DC
Bijay Rai
Labin Ojha
Nirdesh Acharya
Prabha Pantha
Roshan Gautam
m Bakhrel
Subash Dhital
Sudeshna Pradhananga
Sugandha K.C. 
Sujan Upreti

Program ended with speech of new president and  refreshment cocktail party of coke fanta and sprite making new president to bath with sprite and Aabir.

But By this post I want to congratulate every member of new committee of CSITAN and good luck for their tenure and wish they will have successful tenure.

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation.It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.”

– Robin S. Sharma

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