MOZILLA::BernHardt Mozilla Orientation


DSC_0048Its  the day people say the day of APRIL FOOL But our team team Mozilla of  Bernhardt  all the FSA of college are not there to joke and make anyone fool but we are there to make our mission success, to take  Mozilla’s mission  ahead, it was the day we are organizing the program of Mozilla for the first time a our college. On the day people make other fool but we tried to make other aware. We are fully intended to make the voices loud with the voice and mission of Mozilla. We started the program and we are 5 FSA Rajan Kandel, Sabin Parajuli, Sudip Sedhain, Deependra Timalsina and Nalin Adhikari.


We started our program at 10.30 am with in mass of about 60 students and our (HOD) Keshav Poudel sir was also there at seminar hall of our college to make our voice more larger and loud.   At first it was time for me(Rajan Kandel) to introduce our club in front of all. So , I did we started with introduction of our self and of our club “MOZHARDT FIREFOX CLUB” after I talked about FOSS and Mozilla and mission of Mozilla. Then we turn towards the introduction of FSA(Firefox student ambassador) I tried to explain and make them clear about who we(FSA) are and what we do? The sessions gone so interesting when I started talking about recognition and rewards of being FSA and benefits of being FSA, I was much tried answering all the questions that are a raised. I ended up my presentation with the video of Mozilla.

And next it was the time to have fun, and second session was handled by Sabin Parajuli and deependra timilsina and it was the session of Webmaker(an introduction of webmaker) and they told the participants about the webmaker and gave demo by using thimble, and along with this session later Nalin adhikari and Sudip Sedhain joined us with the presentation on localization.
The video that presented was: HERE

More Photos of the day are: HERE


We ended up our program by solving lots of queries and making everyone clear about Mozilla and its mission. All we said throughout the program was WEB IS THE PLATFORM and making better web is our mission.

MANY VOICES ONE MOZILLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!voice

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